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Fiber Processing

We can wash, pick and convert fiber into roving, batting or cloud.

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Fiber Dyeing

We can dye to any Dharma acid or Lanoset Dye, and can create custom colors based on Panatone Colors.

Yarn  Spinning

We can also pindraft  roving and 

Spin Yarn



We are a small  family owned Fiber Mill in Wayland Michigan.   We have been processing Fiber part time for six years and will grow to full time when we retire in 2021.   We mainly see wool,  llama and alpaca  fiber with occasional  mohair.  My children help out with the processing and are saving for their future college educations.   

We take pride in our work and treat your fiber as if it were our own. We are honored to provide personal service to you, working with you on an individual basis to make a product you can use and be proud of.


We believe in being environmentally responsible. We do not use chemicals that contain caustic or chlorinated solvents, and contain no phosphates. We use non-toxic, biodegradable, eco friendly products that are not classified as dangerous to the environment.   As much as possible we process the fiber naturally with no added chemicals. 






2020 Pricing

Pricing effective 1/1/2020 and subject to change without notice.


Prices based per pound incoming weight for:


   Wool: Washing, picking and one pass through carder for roving,

   Batting or cloud  $8.00 lb


   Non Wool:  Washing, picking and one pass through carder for roving,

   Batting or Cloud  $10.00 lb.

        Washing  only:   $4.00 lb


        Washing & picking for dyeing  $5.00 lb


        Carding only:  $5.00 lb  per pass through the machine


        Dehairing  $5.00 lb per pass through  the machine



Washed Dry weight Pricing for:


  Dyeing off shelf acid dye colors  $8.50 lb  washed dry weight

  Custom dye Panatone colors   $10.00 lb washed dry weight

  If custom shade we have already done $9.00lb washed dry weight


  Pindrafting & yarn spinning  contact us


  We can blend fibers if desired contact us

Please skirt your fiber and remove vegetable matter as much as possible before dropping your fiber off.  Any fiber less than 3" inches will be kicked out of the carder and fiber should be a minimum length of 3.5" inches for yarn.

We have customers that bring fiber in to be processed that is a mixture of 1st and 2nd cut which contains lots of very short fiber which makes it very difficult to process.  Many times we cannot get this fiber into roving and can only leave it in a cloud state unless it is blended with other fiber.


We've also had fiber dropped off that contains more hay and straw than fiber.   We reserve the right to refuse processing on any fiber with excessive vegetable matter in it.



Fiber for sale


We have Fiber for sale from our own Merino sheep,  Alpacas, Llamas and Mohair

goats.  We have sources for other breeds of sheep and various other fibers.   



For any inquiries, questions , please fill out the following form or email us at

Thanks for submitting!

Wayland Fiber Mill

3688 10th street

Wayland MI 49348

Tel: 269-792-0069


Drop off and pickup by appointment only

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